Catherine Immelt
Catherine Immelt Director of Administration, FFA Branch Professional, RJFS

Catherine “Cassie” Immelt is a seasoned professional with an impressive background spanning over 15 years, navigating the intricate areas of Finance, Operations, Administration and Management. Her academic journey includes a BS in Communication Studies from Towson University and an MBA in Management and Leadership from Loyola Sellinger School of Business.

In December 2023, Cassie embraced the pivotal role of Director of Administration at Fusco Financial Associates. In this capacity, she oversees critical areas such as Administration, Compliance, and Operations, all while emphasizing the importance of fostering teamwork. Her natural flair for leadership shines through effortlessly, coupled with a deep understanding of various aspects of the business. This not only fosters a collaborative work environment but also extends to encouraging her colleagues to thrive and succeed in their own professional goals.

Beyond work, Cassie is deeply committed to family life in Lutherville, MD where she lives with her two kids, Connor and Weslyn. She coaches her son Connor’s little league baseball team, shares her coaching know-how with her daughter Weslyn in her karate, and engages with both kids in joint soccer training sessions. Cassie and her kids are avid baseball fans cheering on the Orioles, and she cherishes regular trips to visit her family and old stomping grounds at Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire. Cassie’s life is a blend of professional triumphs and a narrative deeply woven with the threads of family, shared passions, and the joy of collective experiences.