Abi Mulligan
Abi Mulligan Executive Assistant

Abigail “Abi” Mulligan is often the first point of contact for clients when they call or visit our office. Genuine and outgoing, she enjoys the opportunity to be her personable self and build close relationships with our clients.

Abi’s retail experience helps her bring a distinctive perspective to customer service. She has found that everyone wants the same treatment – to feel they are being heard and appreciated. It’s a personal philosophy she has brought with her to serve our clients.

Abi’s daily duties include filing, scanning and copying documents; preparing, editing and reviewing documents; and coordinating client appreciation gifts and correspondence. She also assists with daily office management and operational procedures, as well as with compliance and human resources needs.

Abi joined our team in May 2022. Previously, she worked in retail management for T-Mobile, Lilly Pulitzer and Aerie. She is a graduate of Towson University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, sociology and anthropology.

Abi was born and raised in Towson, Maryland, and lives here today with her husband, Ben, their two cats, Colby and Garbanzo, and their dog, Nala. In her free time, Abi enjoys tennis, hiking, photography, traveling, baking and crafting.